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The Beginners Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Curiosity killed the cat, but not when it came to anal sex or anal sex toys!

Anal masturbation is one of the most pleasurable acts you can do and take part in! As a woman, it can even outweigh vaginal masturbation. A man or a woman’s anus has so many nerve endings which, when stimulated, can produce explosive amounts of pleasure – if anal masturbation with a toy is done properly and while being very, very comfortable!

However, anal masturbation is somewhat trickier as compared with vaginal masturbation. You need a little more preparation beforehand, either if you are doing it to release some of that sexual tension built up in your body while masturbating or if you are going to enjoy the use of anal sex toys during sex with a partner. There are different steps and rules, and it’s a much more careful act to perform.

More than that, the toys differ quite a lot from vaginal or clitoral toys. Makes sense, right? With so many different anal toys that you can buy, which ones are the best for you and which ones are the best to begin with?

Before even thinking about sex toys, how would you even start? Just stick something up there? No! Let’s get through some ground rules before we go into the toy department.

Make sure the area is nice and clean

If you are about to start playing with anal sex toys, start by cleaning your bottom area nicely. Hot water and soap would do! There are some people – and you can do this as well if you are more anal – haha, get it? – who give themselves an enema with the help of a douche. Make sure, if you do, to do it a few hours before.

You won’t just make your anus nice and sparkly, but it will also be an enjoyable anal thrill ride – it’ll give you a feel of what the real deal will be like.

Relax yourself and relax your behind

Once you begin playing with your behind, or your partner starts giving attention to it. Really try to relax your mind, whole body and especially your cheeks and anal area. If you’re by yourself, make sure to really massage your butt cheeks and massage the outside area of your anus to get it more readily. If you’re with a partner he needs to do the same – prepare you a bit by kissing your but cheeks, massaging your anus and ideally giving it some nice tongue action.

Use lube

There’s not much to this. The anus doesn’t self-lubricate like the vagina does, so any sex toy or anything else going up there needs to be able to slide in easily, otherwise it can get unpleasant! Don’t be a scrooge with it and use plenty of it, it will make things better. If you are using silicone sex toys make sure to not use silicone lubricant with them, but replace it with a water-based lubricant.

Start small – use a finger

Don’t start by directly penetrating the anus with a sex toy. It needs to relax and loosen up a bit beforehand, as the anal muscles are much more contracted and tense. Penetrating too rapidly can create discomfort and even pain, so let’s not cause any of that! Start by introducing your finger little by little, or ask your partner to do so. This will relax you, get him or her excited as well and prepare you for the fancy fun toys about to come.

Types Of Anal Sex Toys

Now that your body and anus are full-on ready for some sex toy action, here are some different types and how you can use them:

  1. Anal Beads – They are perfect for beginners wanting to try a sex toy. They start from smaller beads and go up to larger ones, attached one to the other in different ways. They’re easy to introduce, going in one by one and they produce a lot of pleasure if you take them out exactly when you are about to climax. They’re just an unbelievable invention!
  2. Butt Plugs – These are great toys for beginners and non-beginners alike! What’s great about them is the shape and how perfectly created they are to stick up there. They come in different shapes and sizes, but always with an anal cavity, a neck and a base.

    Once the anal cavity is placed in, your anus wraps up perfectly around the neck of the toy, while the base of the toy keeps it in place, avoiding it from sliding too far up. You can keep a butt plug up there for a few hours a day for stimulation, or use while you’re having vaginal sex – this way you will get double the pleasure.

  3. Anal Dildos – Just like regular vaginal dildos, they are pretty basic and simple to use. They are different in shape and go from thinner to thicker to better expand your anus which doesn’t really need to happen with a vagina. They are also usually curved, to better stimulate the anal walls – where the nerves are packing and ready to go!
  4. Prostate Massagers – Men, these are incredible toys for you – straight, gay or bisexual! You don’t know what you are missing out by missing out on a prostate massage. The prostate is also called the male version of a female’s G-spot. Think about it!

    Gently stroking your prostate with one of these toys can cause intense pleasure that you won’t be able to get any other way. It’s a completely different pleasurable experience and an undeniable one.

There you have it folks, beginner’s common ground rules for anal pleasuring and the most popular and used anal sex toys. You’re definitely ready now to experience pleasure on a whole different level!

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