We love rewarding our customers at Love Monkey, therefore we give all our customers points in which they can use to get discounts & deals on all our products. Our point system is made up of MonkeyPoints in which our customers receive when creating an account, reviewing products they have purchased & also buying products from our website.

With all orders placed online, customers receive 1 point per £1 spent. 100 points is equivalent to £5 but you don’t need to collect 100 points before you can spend them. For example, if you have accumulated 50 points from registration, you can instantly get a £2.50 discount off your first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can MonkeyPoints Be Used On All Products?

Yes MonkeyPoints can be used on all products with no minimum order value.

Can I Gain Points From Product Reviews?

Yes. We give all customers 25 MonkeyPoints for every product review that has been posted on our website.

Note: Reviewers must have purchased the product from our site to be able to receive points.

How Many Points Will I Receive When I Sign Up?

You will receive 25 points when you create your account with Love Monkey.