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How To Buy The Right Condom

Condoms are the most used type of contraception worldwide but many people don’t know how to buy the right condom.

Even though nowadays there are female condoms, we’re going to stick to talking about male condoms in this article.

How safe are condoms?

Condoms are amongst the best at protecting the sexual partners from unwanted pregnancies or STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases). If you are looking to protect yourself from both these options – do wear one! Close to 100% – they work a staggering 98% of the time. But do choose either latex, polyisoprene or polyurethane for best protection.

Types of sexual encounters where we use a condom

  • You’re going to lose your virginity soon and want to be prepared
  • You’re having sex with a new partner
  • You’re having sex being part of a long-term relationship
  • You’re having casual sex – there’s plenty of one-night-stands and casual encounters between single men and woman happening everywhere, all the time

Reasons why you might be thinking which is the right condom to buy

  • You’re a man about to embark on your first sexual adventure
  • You’re a man that has had sexual relationships before, but for whatever private reasons you’re new at buying a condom
  • You’re a man thinking about possibly switching to a different type of condom
  • You’re a man whose condom doesn’t fit quite well
  • You’re a woman that likes to be prepared and have a condom around, or simply buy it for your man and yourself

Condoms – they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours

With the need for condoms, there have also appeared a large variety of condoms. The safest ones to use are made out latex or polyisoprene (which are designed for people with latex allergies). Yeah, it’s possible to be allergic to latex as a man, and actually women are quite prone to latex allergies.

On top of this, there are condoms made for all penis sizes. There are condoms with different shapes at the tip to catch the sperm. There are coloured condoms and flavoured condoms. There are condoms to add extra pleasure. Thicker or thinner condoms.

Many options, but which one or ones do you go for? Let’s get more into that.

How to buy the right condom

  1. Size. Penis size is a sensitive topic for men, but the reality is there are different sized penises, with not too much of a length difference! The average is around 15cm when erected. While the width can get from 47mm to 69mm.

    As a woman who likes to have her own pack of condoms – you either buy different packs for different sized penises or just go with the average fits all solution. Depending on the situation you need it in.

As a man, you need to be aware of how the condom feels on your penis. Does it feel too small, too large, too tight or too baggy? In all cases, this can make you feel uncomfortable and make the sex not that good! Also, it can get risky during sex as it might slip off, or break. Try one, and then adjust to your own form by making a pick between regular, large or extra large and the different widths.

  1. Safe and strong. On many occasions, you might need a really safe and strong condom that can last you through the night, hours, days – hey, why not? Safe mutual agreed upon sex, is one of the best things to do. Fewer other activities have been said to top it!

    Also, it might just be for your mental comfort. Despite all the info on how regular and thin condoms are just as effective as the extra safe ones, you just feel better knowing you have the extra safe one on. For all these times, Extra safe and strong is the way to go.

  2. Thinner. For couples or sexual encounters when you want to feel more of each other, and less of the actual condom – but have no choice to wear one due to circumstances – there is the ultra-thin condom for more intimate sex. It’s like it’s not even there, but it is. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Now mind you, even though you might be worried it’s not that safe – thinner condoms are just as safe as regular ones!
  3. Extra pleasure. If the simple regular condom sounds boring, there are the stimulating extra “spicy” condoms – they’re not really spicy. They can add extra warmth, while others are ribbed or dotted for some extra little somethin’ somethin’ to get your juices flowing even better. They sure can help make sex so much more exciting and stimulating.
  4. Flavoured or coloured. Flavoured or coloured condoms are for fun perky sexual experiences, where you want to change it up a bit and have a more interesting experience, they are also safe to use. Plus, flavoured condoms are really nice for your lady partner if you’re a man about to receive some action downstairs. As a small tip for safety against STD,s and other reasons – do change the condom between oral and vaginal sex!

There you have it. Hopefully, this article got you set in the right direction when it comes to which condom to buy. With the right condom, sex will become more pleasurable, and more fun!

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